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Customize Your Garage Space!

Epic Garage Designs offers unlimited options to make your garage space fit your living expectations!

From garage cabinets, to organizational storage, to even custom flooring, Epic Garage Designs has exactly what you are looking for!


Customize Cabinet Options With Our 3D Design Tool! 

New Epic Cabinets Orange.PNG

Options for:

  • Floor-to-ceiling garage cabinets and shelves.

  • An organized laundry center in the garage, great for everyone!

  • Wall Storage systems to keep sports equipment out of the way and off the floor!

  • Overhead storage, to accommodate larger items.

  • Unlimited colors to choose from!

Custom Garage Flooring Options

Epic Garage Designs offers unlimited options to completely
customize your garage flooring! From Epic Trax to Epoxy flooring,
Epic Garage Designs gives you the option to make your garage, yours!


Below are just SOME of the EpicTrax color options...

Why Choose EpicTrax?

  • Superior Strength - Ultra thick for extra protection, ability to withstand up to 70,000 lbs of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 3120 psi.

  • Heat Resistant - Commercial grade, with temperature tolerances of -22 degrees F to +248 degrees F, and a fire rating of HB (Horizontal Burn).

  • Rain or Shine - UV Stabilizer mix into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant and non-slip.

  • Design Quality - Swiss engineering and precision in the research, design and development of our products. EpicTrax proudly and exclusively manufactured in North America.

Epoxy Flooring

We like to give you options... Below are a few options for Epoxy flooring.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

  • Self-dispersing - For industrial environments that must withstand heavy machine traffic.

  • Water-based - Epoxy is used to seal and prime a floor that doesn’t need to be particularly durable. This coating can seal porous flooring to achieve a high-gloss, stain-resistant coating.

  • 100% Solid Coatings - A system that protects against abrasions, tire marks, and potent chemicals for decades.

  • Epoxy Terrazzo - The inclusion of chips of marble, glass, or granite in a polished epoxy film.

  • Vapor Barrier - A sealer primer that prevents moisture seepage.

  • Decorative Surfaces - Epoxy’s decorative powers are virtually limitless. It can masquerade as a natural mica surface if flaked effectively. Its transparency can achieve any finish you desire, even wood and granite.

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